The Different Versions Of Condom

A condom is the popular and preferred form of birth control with no side effects. It’s a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis or inserted into a vagina prior to sexual intercourse. It acts as a physical barrier to prevent the sperm from fertilizing an egg. Along with providing a secure ways to avoid pregnancy, it’s also effective for protecting against sexually transmitted diseases.

There are different types of condoms. Men have a bigger choice when it comes to choice. The condom made out of latex rubber are the most usual and broadly used. Additionally, there are plastic or polyurethane options. Latex rubber and the plastic variant are an effective means to act as birth control and guard from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). It can also be used in any kind of sexual intercourse, whether vaginal, anal, or oral.

The latex or plastic version is also provided with a thin coating of lubricants. The lube can help to avoid annoyance or pain during sex. Additionally, there are spermicide-coated versions where a chemical called nonoxynol-9 is used to kill the sperms. As such it reduces the possibility of pregnancy. Those people who are allergic to rubber or plastic can opt for a more natural variant, for example lambskin. It is a type of 콘돔 made out of lamb intestines. Though it may not offer enough protection because of small openings, it transmits body warmth and less allergic reaction.


Afterward, there are textured versions designed with studs and ribbed types to boost the partner’s joy. Modern condoms are available in various shapes, sizes, textures, and tastes to raise the experience.

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